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Posted by on in Being Betty Column

The only way down is down - what will I learn about myself on the way?

Here I am at 2000m, sitting on my behind on Whistler Peak. It is a stunning bluebird day and in front of me is an untracked powder field. The catch? To get there I have to navigate a gnarly entrance which I have never done before. I have to edge down an icy, exposed chute and halfway down I will have to let go and slide over a rock slab - no edge engaged, nothing to hold on to.

Just quietly, being exposed on the side of a mountain like this freaks the hell out of me. I grew up in outback Queensland, Australia where the ground is FLAT. Stick me on the side of a snow covered cliff and I feel like I am going to fall into space. It is a hard fear to overcome and I have had a few horrible experiences in the past on steep sections.

But today there are people lining up behind me - I don't have time to think about freaking out, only to act. I focus on getting down that chute then riding the heck out of the powder before anyone else can. For those few precious minutes I am completely in the moment, whooping with delight the whole way down. At the bottom I turn and look back up to the peak I have just come from and feel an immense sense of achievement. Today, I overcame that fear!

This story is a neat metaphor for how I want to live my life - I want to live in the moment, face my fears and achieve my full potential at everything I do. Participating in actions sports has taught me valuable life lessons and is one of the reasons I feel as strong and healthy as I do today.

Taking up mountain biking and snowboarding in my 20s has been a huge challenge. Physically I have had to become much fitter, and much more aware of how my brain and body work together.  Mentally, I have had to learn how to de-stress, how to overcome my internal dialogue and really focus what is important (I can either worry about money and life choices and world peace in my head OR bomb a technical section of trail well - not both!). Socially, it has helped me connect to new communities that value healthy minds and bodies and worship the great outdoors over the almighty dollar.

I support women’s involvement in actions sports because every girl, lass and lady out there deserves to be all that they can be.

Ladies, what has participating in action sports taught you? How would you persuade other women to get involved?

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Posted by on in Betty Posts
I know its not about the girls but if you are looking for inspiration and a really cool show go check out the highlights from the Billabong Pro Tahiti .  Starting out with a wide open race for the World title the boys have been battling in epic swell, a full tube riding contest is what it is about.  They waited for a code red to be called with the best big wave riders in the world turning up to give us a show half way through the comp.  Keala Kennelly showing the boys that she can ride the big waves with the best was amazing - I will post the video as soon as it is available.
Billabong Pro Tahiti: EPIC
The final day of the 2011 Billabong Pro Tahiti is LIVE, right now, and if you have missed this event, log on and catch up on the dream highlights. The ASP Top 34 have gone absolutely berserker this past week, paddling into 10-12 foot death-bombs, over and over in what has been one of the most exciting ASP World Title events of all time. While several chargers have continued their poise, many a darkhorse have shown the world how well rounded they are. The final is just around the corner, tune in and watch it LIVE!
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Posted by on in Being Betty Column

What inspires you?  what is it that gets you out of bed in the morning and planning your next adventure.  It is amazing who you meet along the way and the stories they have of their adventures.  Keep posted to the betty blog for inspiring stories about Betties just like you getting out and having fun.

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Posted by on in Events - News and Results


·         Rossland

o   May 8th – Mothers Day Ride Clinic

o   May 27-29 - Cindy Devine Skills Camp

o   June 4th –Ladies Introduction to Off-Road Riding

o   June 5th – Ladies Park Clinic

·         Trail

o   June 4th – Ladies Introduction to Off-Road Riding

·         Nelson – Working with Gerricks Cycle to create clinics for Nelson

·         Kelowna

o   May 13–15 - Ladies Off-road Tri Clinic –focus on running and biking

o   June 11th - Ladies Intro to off road riding Clinic

·         Vernon

o   June 12th - Ladies Intro to off road riding Clinic

Weekend Retreats

·         Silver Star

o   July 15,16&17 – Fourth Annual BettyGoHard Loeka Silver Star Biking Weekend

Local Summer Camps

·         Rossland

o   July 5,6&7 – Rossland beg/int – 8-13yrs Girls

o   July 11,12&13 – Rossland int – 10-15yrs Girls

·         Trail

o   July 18,19&20 – Trail beg/int – 8-13yrs Girls

o   July 21&22 – Trail beg/int – 8-13yrs Boys

·         Castlegar

o   August 15&16 – Castlegar beg/int – 8-13 Girls

o   August 22&23 – Castlegar beg/int – 8-13 Boys

·         Working with Grand Forks Recreation & Gerricks Nelson to develop camps for Grand Forks and Nelson

Local Ride Series

·         Trail

o   April 6th – 27th  – Four Week XC Biking and Chocolate – strengthening and conditioning

o   May 11th – June 1st – Four Week XC Biking and Chocolate

·         Rossland

o   May 23rd - 13th – Four Week XC Biking and Chocolate

o   May 24th – 14th – Four Week Beginner Downhill Biking and Chocolate

o   May 26th – 16th - Four Week Intermediate Downhill Biking and Chocolate

Local Hiking Series

·         Trail

o   April 21st – 12th – Four Week Hiking Series

·         Rossland

o   April 19th – 10th – Four Week Hiking Series

·         Renata

o   August 13th & 14th – Camping retreat: Hike to the Natural Arch and Dogwood Falls on the Arrow Lake just North of Castlegar

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Posted by on in Being Betty Column

Ski Bum – the musical.  Wow what talent we have in our little community.  The script, the cast, the music it was fabulous!  My friend commented ‘it’s like watching a show about my life’ and yes it was.  We all know the characters in the show; the ski patroller, ski instructor, newbie and of course the quintessential ski bum.  Whether you are talking about a mountain town or beach town any culture that centers on a source of fun has their version of these characters.  Even better was sitting in amongst my fellow ski bums, those characters and personalities that make up our own ‘Big Snow Peak’. 

One thing I took from the show was what is important to the enthusiasts in this world.  Many a newbie has shown up at the mountain, the beach or wherever the addicted live to try it out for a season, it changes lives.  Like any junkie their perception of life is changed.  Suddenly their horizons expand and the things that seemed important in their previous reality slip away all things becoming second to the equivalent of a ski bums 30cm powder day.

Some of us take the well beaten path; school, job, house, kids, others make their own trail.  Life is hard off the beaten trail, but can be so rewarding.  Years ago I was driving up to Rossland wondering at the many jobs and craziness of my life and what it was all for.  I looked up at the mountain and saw the first snow of the season, it’s an addiction, not always the easiest addiction to maintain but worth everything. 

For me I will always be a ‘betty’.  Whether I am on a mountain or at the beach, life to me is not about how important I am at my job but how much I enjoyed the last powder day.  As the curtain drops at ‘Big Snow Peak’ the cast bow for a standing ovation, a great performance by a talented cast, thanks for summing up what is important to us and the culture we love being a part of. 

Bettygohard has one last Cross Country ski day trip this coming Saturday.  Explore the trails around the summit and then finish with lunch at a cabin.  Beginner to intermediate skiers welcome.  Check out for more info.

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Posted by on in Being Betty Column

Happy Valentines Week!!  I hope it was a fun day had by all.  I thought maybe that Ullr had left me a valentines pressie on the hill, but alas there was little fresh snow; however always fun turns to be had.  Maybe they will be belated presents if the current forecast holds true, fingers crossed. 

Talking about snow, BettyGoHard has wrapped up what I think was the best snowshoe season yet.  We were super lucky with the conditions, the snow fell at all the right times and when it didn’t we found fresh snow off the beaten track.  I have discovered that I have an aversion to the groomed or well beaten trails and with snow as well as life I seem to head for the road less travelled.  I also tend to prefer looping trails to those going out the same way as they return, which may explain how I ended up in Rossland. 

One of my joys when it comes to snowshoeing is the peacefulness of the snow, being out under the stars or even better a snowstorm, quietly making my way through the trees.  The ability to take my own path and adventure out beyond the conventional trail, knowing that if I lose my way the tracks will lead me back, provided it is not the snowstorm of the year.  When introducing others to a sport I so very much enjoy I like to share those trails and give the ladies a true sense of what snowshoes are all about;  trails where if you take your snowshoes off you appreciate why they were invented in the first place. 

So thank you to all the ladies that joined us this year, I hope you all enjoyed the experience as much as I did.  There is something special about sharing the trails with a group of fun ladies out to explore and connect; although there are some days where I suspect it is more about the chocolate shop than it is the walk, but that is ok too!  Join us Saturday 26th, February for our last Cross Country Ski adventure at Nancy Greene Summit, we will be exploring the trails then finishing at a cabin for lunch and treats.    Sign up at

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Posted by on in Being Betty Column

So I started out trying to write a daily blog on my experience at the 15th X Games in Aspen, Co held Jan 26th – 30th, however I was too busy being at the X Games that this is going to be a summary instead. 


It was an amazing experience!  I got to meet Torah Bright while hanging out in the Athlete lounge, she is super nice.  Unfortunately, she did not end up competing in the slope style; it would have been great to see her win gold.  I got to speak with Spencer O'Brian one of Canada’s rippers.  Standing at the bottom of the half pipe I realized that Kelly Clark and Trisha Burns were hanging out and they asked me to take a photo of them, I did and forgot to get one with me in it - silly!  I was super keen to talk to Jenna Mayan and saw her briefly, with no reason to interrupt her I kept going - I feel that the pros deserve their privacy, however moments later checked my phone to see my brother had asked me to say hi to her as he lived with her one season in Tahoe - darn it!!  The only autograph signing I managed to get to - they were always so busy and standing in line is not my thing, was Jamie Anderson, I got her to sign my Betty Shirt.  She loved the 'it doesn't matter what you long as you ride it hard' and was stoked to sign next to the snowboard, now I have a goal to fill that one up with more signatures.  Shaun White parked next to us in the athlete parking area, I so wanted to get an autograph, but he looked like he was trying to avoid being harassed so I contented myself with being that close. 


Just hanging in the athletes lounge was a treat!  They treated us great - there was always good food, lots of hydration and snacks.  Looking around there was generally someone famous sitting next to me, I missed a couple of opportunities to speak with my heroes, once again though I didn't feel interrupting them was really the way to win them over:). 


The purpose of this trip of course was not for me to run around harassing the pros and handing out stickers - although I did hand out a lot of stickers!  I hope people stick them in cool places and share the Betty love.  The purpose was to support the first ever Adaptive Boardercross exhibition event.  There were 6 riders; two standing paraplegics, one above knee amputee and three below knee amputees.  They were grouped with the mono skiers, who have been wowing the crowds with their performance for the past few years and are fearless - watching them is crazy, they are crazy.  At first we thought they would be on a different course from the able bodied riders but at the X Games there is only one course.  They do take out the jumps that are not really doable for the adaptive riders and mono skiers but for the most part they are on the same course doing the same big jumps and crazy gaps.  At the beginning of the week I really thought we were going to kill someone.  After seeing the boys on the course a couple of times I realized that although the course was gnarly and had the potential to kick someone’s ass, it was made perfectly and ridden with speed as it was designed to be ridden it was a challenge but they were all up to it!  


Standing at the finish line waiting for the big moment was nerve racking. ‘Why am I letting my husband compete in this?’ ran through my mind several times and after seeing one of the mono skiers explode through the finish and into the bee netting I was grateful that one of the boys needed me to run down in search of a tripod.  Waiting was killing me!  The race was great, the boys did great, Evan Strong won by a clear margin, followed by Mike Shea both below knee amputees.  Dan Monzo came third closely followed by Tyler Mosher a standing paraplegic from Canada.  Keith Deutch fell off one of the jumps so missed a gate but crossed the finish line.  My husband unfortunately fell in the first section and dislocated his shoulder meaning he was unable to finish the course.  It was very sad as he was doing great in training, but that is racing and I was just thankful that it was only a shoulder - it will heal and he will be back and strong for his next race and eager to win next year!  And yes there will be a next year, the event was very well received by the crowd and ESPN so next year it is all on, it will be a medalled event with prize money.  This means more athletes, qualifying rounds and an opportunity to draw more top level disabled athletes out of the woodwork, we know they are out there but to date there has not been a good reason for them to admit their disabilities and show what they can do!  Live Beyond Limits!  These guys truly do. 


Thank you to Adaptive Action Sports a non-profit organization out of the US devoted to creating opportunities to get disabled athletes back into sports they love and find new sports after injury and loss.  They are one of many organizations working towards making Adaptive or Para Snowboarding part of the 2014 Winter Olympics and this has brought us one step closer.  Also thank you to ESPN for welcoming the adaptive athletes to the X Games, it means so much to the athlete’s competing as well as giving inspiration to the able bodied athletes and spectators to see what these guys can do.  They are truly living beyond their limits and I guarantee it is going to be interesting to see the line up next year - there are some amazing disabled snowboarders that have been waiting for this opportunity. 


So we went, we saw and we experienced the X Games.  Seeing all the events live was amazing; being in the athletes lounge watching as Shaun White competed in slope style for the first time in a couple of years and got beaten out by the young up and comers.  Being there to see the boardercross boys come flying over the last jump at the finish and the highlight watching the Men's half pipe final.  Yes Shaun White won but Scott Lago came close - it was amazing to watch.  The girls were inspiring, the boys made the jaw drop - thanks to all the athletes for putting it all on the line to inspire and wow us in their bid for gold. 


Not to be left out was the experience of being in Aspen, what an awesome place.  With the reputation it has I was not sure what to expect, it is a lovely little ski town, nestled in the mountains.  Aspen Mountain itself is big and steep, we didn't have time to ride it but we were on the VIP list for the Top of the World Monster Party.  We got to ride up the 20 min Gondola to the top of the mountain, at 9pm at night, it is a long way up and it is steep!  We watched the lights of the town disappear far below and just when you think you are getting to the top, you realize you are only half way there - wow, next time I am going to ensure I get a least one run down that mountain it looks insane!  Of course Aspen mountain is not the only mountain in town; there is also Aspen Highlands, Snowmass - which is huge and Buttermilk where they hold the X Games.  Buttermilk is the smallest however the runs are long and fun and I would love to see the park when they were not holding the games - it looks well made with lots of progression and lots of challenge.


So that was the X Games - I'm looking forward to next year!!  Thanks to my husband and his determination to live beyond limits for making it possible for us to have that experience. 


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Posted by on in Nutritional Information

PDF Download

Athletes need more protein than inactive individuals. While high quality food sources (milk, meat, eggs, cheese, soy) can easily meet their protein needs, athletes often turn to popular protein supplements as a quick fix. They may also be confused about the effectiveness and appropriate use of other amino acid supplements, such as L-glutamine, creatine, and possibly “weight-gainers.”

Examples of Protien Rich Foods
Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, tofu, nuts, nut butters, milk, yogurt and legumes (kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.)

Protein is an essential nutrient needed for growth and development, to maintain muscle, to produce hormones, enzymes, red blood cells and white blood cells/ immune
system. Dietary protein is required on a daily basis, especially on days of physical training. Supplemental protein (in powders, bars and drinks) is not superior to protein-rich foods, especially since many protein supplements lack essential carbohydrates, vitamins (e.g. B-vitamins) and minerals (e.g. iron, calcium, zinc) found in natural foods, hence the use of supplemental protein as an “extra” rather than as a replacement in meals. Individually, athletes should have their diet assessed by a Registered Dietitian who specializes in sports nutrition to determine if extra protein is warranted. A dietitian will design a customized meal plan that ensures optimal energy, protein,
carbohydrate and fat are balanced to meet desired body composition and training goals.

Protein supplements, in the form as whey, casein and soy, offer a portable, convenient source of protein and calories for exercise recovery or a bedtime snack, especially when combined with a mixture of milk/soy drink, fruit, yogurt/ice cream and/or possibly juice. In comparison, 125 ml (1/2 cup) of dried skim milk powder provides the same amount of protein as 1 scoop of most whey powders; skim milk powder also contains both whey and casein proteins.

If building muscle is an athlete’s personal goal, be aware that a high protein diet or protein supplements alone are not the answer. Instead, to gain muscle athletes  equire enough calories (energy) from fibre-rich carbohydrates, and healthy fats, in addition to adequate high quality protein, and regular strength training, i.e., 2 – 3 times a week.Excess protein from the diet and/or supplements will be either used for extra energy (if calories are too low), excreted as waste, or potentially stored as body fat; excess protein can also be dehydrating unless ample fluids are consumed.

Popular “weight-gain” types of supplements usually provide 600-1200 calories (or more) per serving and while convenient, they are expensive and not recommended for young athletes. Most weight-gainers contain a combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fat with or without added vitamins and minerals. Consider this less expensive, quick and easy recipe:

Homemade High-Protein Shake:

50 ml (1/4 cup) dried skim milk powder
OR ½ scoop of whey
1.5 cups ice cream
1.5 cups 2% milk
1 banana
2 Tbsp chocolate syrup

Blend for less than 1 minute

1 serving = 953 calories, 35 g protein, 139 g carbohydrates, 28 g fat

What is...... 

The most abundant non-essential amino acid in our body is L-glutamine. It has received popularity with athletes since research has found that during times of exhaustive exercise glutamine levels in the blood are reduced. It is inconclusive if supplemental glutamine helps to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and/or boosts the immune system. Proteinrich foods contain sufficient glutamine (e.g. 4 ounces (120 g) meat, fish or poultry = 4000-5000 mg glutamine). Milk, soy beverage, tofu, legumes (i.e., kidney beans, chickpeas, baked beans) and nuts also provide glutamine and help keep the immune system strong.

Supplemental creatine has been used by athletes for decades, usually under the premise of building muscle. While indirectly it may help promote muscle gains, specifically creatine works by restoring energy (ATP) faster than normal recovery between high intensity exercise efforts. Therefore, if an athlete can recover faster after lifting a set of weights, or recover faster between sprint intervals, they may in turn be able to do more training and subsequently build muscle. But it’s not all great news. There is no research to conclude if creatine is safe to take by those under 18 years of age. Also, some athletes may experience weight gain/water retention, and increase the risk of tearing tendons or ligaments. This “short cut” to building mass is not a quick fix solution to training hard and eating well.

While product manufacturers may make grandiose claims about the benefits of supplemental protein and related supplements, it is strongly recommended that athletes seek expert dietary advice by a sport dietitian before reaching for these or other dietary supplements.

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Posted by on in Betty Posts

Imagine that you had won the following prize in a contest:
Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400.00 in your  
private account for your use.

However,this prize has rules, just as any game has certain rules.

The first set of rules would be: 
Everything that you didn't spend during each day would be taken
away from you.

You may not simply transfer money into some other account. 
You may only spend it.

Each morning upon awakening, the bank opens your account with
another $86,400.00 for that day.
The  second set of rules:

The bank can end the game without warning; at any time it can
say, Its over,the game is over! It can  close the account  and
you will not receive a new one.
What would you personally do?

You would buy anything and everything you wanted  right?
Not only for yourself, but for all people you love, right?
Even for people you don't know, because you couldn't  possibly spend it all on yourself, right?
You would try to spend every cent, and use it all, right?


Each of us is in possession of such a magical  bank.
We just can't seem to see it.

Each morning we awaken to receive 86,400 seconds as a gift
of life, and when we go to sleep at night, any remaining time
is NOT credited to us.

What we haven't lived up that day is forever lost.
Yesterday is forever gone.

Each morning the account is refilled, but the bank can
dissolve your account at any time....WITHOUT WARNING.SO, what will YOU do with your 86,400  seconds?
Those seconds are worth so much more than the same amount in dollars.

Think about that, and always think of this:
Enjoy every second of your life, because time races by
so much quicker than you think.
So take care of yourself, be Happy, Love Deeply and enjoy life!
Here's wishing y'all a wonderfully beautiful day.

Start spending. 
Tagged in: real life
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Posted by on in Being Betty Column

With the winter carnival quickly approaching I thought this would be a great time to share a few thoughts on our town.  It has been said that Rossland is one of the last true ski towns; a community made up of well qualified ski bums that in looking for a ‘real life’ have found their way here.

Living at the Red Shutter Inn I feel I have been privilege to an insight into the times of old and the things that haven’t changed.  The sticker that reads ‘old ski bums never die they just move to Rossland’, still holds true along with the many great stories that confirm the nature of our town. 

Among the posters chronicling the history of the Rossland Winter Carnival littering the walls of the Red Shutter, there is a notice posted on the wall.  It was here that my husband and I gained our understanding of the little ski town we had moved to and knew that we were among kin.  Let me share with you ’The One and Only Complete and Unabridged Heretofore Unpublished Rossland Code of Conduct’

1.       Be prepared; always take your skis, skates, bike, golf clubs, kayak, skateboard, hackysack or running shoes with you.

2.       Use your sporting gear  with enthusiasm whenever and wherever you can

3.       Enter in good spirit every race you a capable of finishing and some you are not

4.       Cheer the winners and the losers

5.        Support your local bands and places of revelry

6.       Honor thy dancing waiters and garter girls for they are your friends, neighbors and … parents

7.       Where ties to costume parties only

8.       Embrace life and the living

9.       Share the bike trails of life

10.   Welcome all visitors but keep some powder runs to yourself

So with that in mind enjoy the Winter Carnival to the fullest; appreciate that we are lucky to live in the ‘Kootenay Bubble’, one of the few places left that understands the ‘20cms rule’.  Thank you Rossland for supporting the dreams of those that live here and continuing to be true to your roots!!  Remember the heart of our community is the businesses within it; shop local and keep the bubble alive.


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