BettyGoHard - Taking the Intimidation out of Action Sports - providing the tools & information to build confidence, skills & friendship to help women of all ages, levels and lifestyles Get Out and Be Active!

Who Are We?

BettyGoHard was founded back in 2002 with the 'Water Girls Surf Camp'.  Faced with the challenge of creating an event for one of the communities in my life, I choose the Womens surfing community.  I came up with the idea of taking the girls surfing for the weekend; we rented a bus, got a team of boys to drive, cook and generally see that their needs were met so they could focus on going surfing and being with the girls.

The weekend was inspiring, it is amazing what can happen when you put a group of girls together.  The instant connection between the 25 girls was amazing to see, within 5 mins of boarding the bus they were instant friends and stoked to get into the waves together.  What blew me away the most was the spark that ignited the Betty fire; just by being out in the surf together they all had a boost in their confidence which enabled them to improve their surfing beyond anything they had imagined.  No coaching, just by being together and building each other up.

BettyGoHard is about creating experiences to bring women together; providing opportunities for women to develop networks and friendships that will inspire them to pursue their passions and let go of their inhibitions.

Bettygohard believes that through a supportive and encouraging environment you will feel confidence to try new things and progress your individual skill level, not through specific skill coaching but through the experience.

Overall our goal is to Inspire confidence and Motivation for women to see their potential to get out and have fun; No boundaries, expectations or limitations Just Pure Fun – Girl Style.

The Bettygohard social network is about connecting you to other Action Women. Creating an environment where you can find others in your community that enjoy the same sports and are the same level as you. We believe that everyone is an inspiration to another; celebrate your achievements’ and be inspired by others.

Who are we?

Bettygohard was founded from a frustration at the lack of coverage and inspiration available for women in the Action Sport Community. We are enthusiastic about these sports and the lifestyle they promote.

Bettygohard is about inspiring Women into the Community, giving them the confidence to participate at their level, novice to expert.

Through our outgoing sense of adventure, spontaneity and fun loving attitude Bettygohard develops programs specifically for the Female market. Knowing from our own experiences what it is like to be a female in a traditionally male dominated community and what we felt was missing for us.

We create events that bring women together and introduce them to new environments, opportunities and education on the different aspects of their sports. This in turn enables them to move forward with a greater sense of confidence and a supportive network to tap into through the online community.

Our Coaches

Natasha Lockey

Natasha Lockey is the founder of Bettygohard. Originally from New Zealand she currently lives in Rossland, BC, Canada. She started Bettygohard in 2003 after a snowboarding trip to Canada, where she found there was little to inspire the females to get into action and push their limits. Having put herself through University on the premise that she was getting a degree to go snowboarding she headed out to follow her dream of becoming a snowboarding bum! Along the way she started Bettygohard, learned how to design and create websites, started running events and became a coach.

In 2004 she moved to Rossland, spent a winter at Red Mountain, stayed for the summer, brought a bike and has never looked back.

Natasha loves all things outdoors; her main passions are snowboarding and mountain biking. These days you will most often find her mountain biking or hiking in the summer and in the winter snowboarding or out snowshoeing with the ladies. Running Bettygohard keeps her on her toes but she loves every minute of it. Quiet nights at home are readily traded for an action packed evening ending somewhere with chocolate!!

She has been running mountain bike coaching clinics and local biking series in Rossland for the past four years. Along with Snowshoe series and Snowboard Coaching programs in the winter.

Natasha is a level I bike instructor and NCCP coach as well as a level I Snowboard Instructor and Coach. She is passionate about giving others the skills and confidence to reach their goals and loves being outdoors in all seasons.

Ian Lockey

Natasha’s husband is an honorary ‘Betty’. He is a strong supporter of the Bettygohard movement and has been found at the bottom of many a mountain bike trail waiting for the girls with wine and chocolate.

Ian is a standing paraplegic and only has 50% of his muscles from the waist down. He is able to walk, snowboard and mountain bike along with many other activities. He is currently on the Canadian National Para-Olympic Snowboard Team and is about to become an X Games athlete.

He has his level one Mountain Bike Coach and is in the process of getting his NCCP level one certification.